Continental Pump


Continental offers a complete line of Progressing Cavity Pumps for the commercial wastewater and industrial markets. Their goal is to offer quality products and services at a competitive price. Their success is supported by a long-standing relationship to quality, a service-oriented sales staff, a facility housing 1,500,000 of inventory, and a commitment to helping our valued customers and distributors. They strive to keep you informed by providing all the materials and knowledge we have to offer through their staff and engineers.

Pump Trac Ltd. is in no way indicating we are supplying OEM parts or an authorized distributor.
We carry the following:

CP Series

Model CP Pumps and parts are interchangeable with all previous Continental EC, ECM, and ECG Models. In addition to Robbins & Myers MOYNO Type EC, FA, and FS Utility Pumps and most RAMOY Helico Models.


CL Series

Model CL Pumps are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are the most frequently used. When properly applied they give an excellent long-life performance at the most economical cost.


CM Series

Model CM Pumps are similar to the Model CL Pumps, except they have a larger drive head to handle the increased horsepower that is needed to produce the higher pressures that can be developed by these pumps. Our CM Line consists of CM1, CM2, CM3 and CM4 frames with an option of 2, 3, or 6 stages. CM Pumps not listed are: 3CM1, 2CM2, 3CM2, 2CM3, 3CM3, 2CM4 and 3CM4. 


CG Series

Model CG Pumps are designed to handle the heavier applications of Sewage, Industrial Waste, Polluted Liquids, and Slurries. Incorporated into this more rugged pump is a unique drive train using Gear Joint connections to the Rotor and Drive Shaft.

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